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Hamidreza Mahyar

I am an Assistant Professor in Faculty of Engineering at McMaster University. Before joining McMaster, I was a postdoctoral research fellow at Boston University and Technical University of Vienna (TU Wien), working with Eugene Stanley and Radu Grosu. I received my Ph.D. in Computer Science from Sharif University of Technology. My research interests lie at the intersection of Machine Learning and Network Science, with a current emphasis on the fast-growing subject of Graph Neural Networks with applications in Recommendation Systems, Machine Vision, Generative AI, and Graph NLP.

In addition to research and teaching experiences, I have been involved in various industrial projects. I was a Deep Learning Scientist in SemI40 and iDev40, the two most prominent projects in Industry 4.0 Europe, at Infineon Technologies. I was the Director of AI Systems at Brainmaven, developing machine intelligence for human flourishing. I am now the CTO of Mind Lab 56, a company creation studio to build AI-enabled solutions, mainly leveraging Generative AI and Large Language Models, for Enterprises.

News and highlights

One paper accepted at ACM Computing Surveys [IF: 14.324]. Congratulations Taraneh. [paper]
Mohammad Khodadad receive prestigious Vector Scholarship in AI (2023). Congratulations Mohammad!
Received an industrial fund from BASF SE to enable Deep Learning on Graphs for Natural Language Understanding.
One paper accepted at Journal of Signal Processing Systems. Congratulations Saeideh and Hamid. [paper]
One paper accepted at Lab on a Chip [IF: 7.517]. Congratulations Boyang. [paper] [models & datasets]
One paper accepted at ICMLA 2022. Congratulations Peter and Elahe. [paper]
Technical Committee, Efficient NLP Workshop II, NeurIPS 2022.
Received the prestigious McMaster Teaching Merit Award 2022.
One paper accepted at CVPR 2022. Congratulations Mohammad and long-time collaborator Morteza Rezanejad. [paper]
Reza Namazi receives Vector Scholarship in AI 2022.
One paper accepted at IEEE JTEHM [IF: 3.316]. Congratulations Mehdi. [paper]
One paper accepted at IEEE TDSC [IF: 7.329]. Congratulations Soroush. [paper]